At my mercy

She is instructed to undress slowly. But only to her underwear. Then I get up, take her hands into mine and bring them to the hand cuffs that hang down from the ceiling . After I fixed her wrists , I let my fingers wander over her body , put myself behind her and embrace her beautiful , small , firm breasts. My eyes turn awas from her and hit his as he is sitting relaxed in his chair, watching us.

My nails take quite fine on her nipples , I reach for the ready -lying scissors and cut the straps of her bra. With a jerk, I release the shutter and threw the bra on the floor. I let her wait for my next touch, my hand makes itself on the way to her body, but drop down again before reaching her body. Suddenly I reach roughly from behind her breasts , my fingers twirling her nipples , she moans and lays her head on my shoulder. My fingers wander further, over her belly toward her panties , she tries to resist me, turns away from my fingers, squeezes her legs together. In response, I take after her ankles and fix them on the ground, now she is all to my mercy. I get back to my place behind her so I don’t obstruct his view of us. My hands go after the contours of her panties, strip her shame and withdraw again.

At a glance, I urge him to join us. He steps behind her, without touching her however. I differ from my position, go around her, roam with my fingers on her neck along, grab her neck and pull her mouth to mine. Our intimate kiss observed over her shoulders from him. I give her mouth free again and let me fall to my knees before her. My hands on her hips, my mouth approaches her center. Slowly I stretch my tongue out, look up at her and meet her strained look. I’m waiting for my sign, feel like she tenses up, longs for the touch. He reaches up behind her breasts, kissing her neck at the same time and my tongue finally meets the willing swollen pearl. Also I wrung a low moan. With my tongue I tap her little gem, then get some and lick her flat over the labia. Again I form a circle round her increasingly fierce pearl. My partner, however, also spoiles her. Slowly, he leans his body against hers, so she can feel his warm skin and his erection. I ‘m true to the warm, soft flesh before me, demanding but gently massage her pearl, let my tongue wander between her lips and notice how her whole heart swells more and more. In order not to give her too much, to let her come too soon, I slow my attention and than let them stop completely. Between her legs I reach for his best piece, start to massage him and also indulge him with my tongue . Here, I make sure to avoid any contact with her skin. She tries to push her body against mine but I avoid touching her for a few minutes. Out of sheer frustration a vexing snort is escaping her. I look up at her searchingly and then let my eyes wander to him. Almost imperceptibly, he gives his consent. Slowly I lead his tip to her lips, ride it up and down, moisten his cock with her ​​juice. I slowly push his cock further into her swollen labia, pull it back and a bit forth again. After some back and forth I take the lead and give the pulsating shaft free. With a single powerful kick he penetrates completely into her. She takes a sharp breath, after a second she tries to move her pelvis. This I stop with my hands , fix them not to leave the tour at her. He does not move, but I approach my mouth back to her pearl. My lips start to impinge easy to nibble and suck on it. At the same time he puts her small, slow bumps. Rhythmically we drive her both from outside and from the inside on. His hands on her breasts, her stomach, her neck, her arms, my hands on her hips, her legs, her feet. No inch of her body, we leave untouched.

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