Imagine part I

The house has all the technical feats that you could ever want. This is not surprising since this is my dream home. Upon entering the comfort begins. No tedious search and dig out a house key from the purse. Simply placing the palm on the scanner at the front door and a simultaneous voice check and the door swings open as if by magic . I put my things on the tables in the lobby, wander into the kitchen and give the fridge the order to pour me a cold beer. It brings up a glass under the tap and pours me the cold gold. With the glass in my hand, I put myself in front of the windows surrounding the entire lower floor. I can see from the lush meadows of the surrounding pastures to a small forest from this point. And I must not fear the prying eyes of walking stroller. The windows are all programmable and are most of the time in tinted mode. So nobody from the outside can catch a look at the inside, but my view is obscured in any way. My body cools down slowly, with the help of beer and pleasant room temperature. My thoughts, however, do not come to rest. On the contrary, after the stressful day at work my body longs for relaxation and my thoughts want to dissolve into mist. So it is time for me to order one of my girls – or maybe two. On the computer terminal in the kitchen I enter my wishes and ordered, that the two ladies should come into the red room in half an hour. I go up to my bedroom to put on something more comfortable . I change into a soft, knee-length black skirt and a silky, white blouse with fine snaps. I let my hair fall over my shoulders and I wipe off the bit make-up on my face. In the red room I make sure that the refrigerator is filled and the toy box is open. I sit in the big wing chair and wait. The anticipation makes me almost as much fun as what will come after. My body stretches to easily and the heartbeat goes a little bit faster. Then it’s time, it knocks timidly at the door. With directional voice I give the command to open the door. Through the open casement occurs a young woman, she wears nothing but dark green lace underwear, which stands out from their ivory skin and also dark green high heels. The naturally red hair was styled strictly from the face. Behind her, her pure opposite enters the room. The tanned skin emphasizes the white lace underwear and cognac-colored high heels standing in contrast to the black curls. I see them both for the first time, exactly as I wanted. I let them enter in silence and enjoy their uncertainty for a few moments. Then I release them “what shall I call you?” The dark-haired speaks first ” You can call me Michelle ” she says somewhat defiantly. “Rachel” is all the redhead can say. I look at both of them slowly from top to bottom and then nod pleased and encouraging. “Were you instructed how things goes with me,” I asked turned to Michelle . She nods slightly snooty. “Then all right . With me everything is allowed on both sides and only the collusive wording means that I or you have to stop. Do you have experience with women?” Both shake their head reluctant. I can not resist a small smile. Virgins have always had a special fascination for me and it is always a pleasure for me to introduce them into my world.
I get up from my chair and get closer to Rachel, I gently touch her ​​wrist, let my fingers wander up on her arm to her shoulder and look straight into the eyes. She has trouble withstanding my look, but also dare not to look away. My fingers wander on to her cheek, strip from the outside towards her lips and take their contours so fine as if my fingers were feathers. I let her stand there easily inflamed and turn to Michelle . “You’re the hothead , am I right ?”, I call it out . With stretching herself up she confirmed my guess. Just the right amount, I am pleased. So I know that I have to deal differently with Michelle as with Rachel. I turn around and stroll over to the toy box. I fish out a black scarf and walk back to Michelle. In her eyes, I can see that she is confused and does not know what will happen to her next. I let the scarf go at one end in order to strip it off her shoulders. I stand behind her back, grab the scarf loose end with my hand and tie it to her eyes. I hear her softly sucks the air and stretched persists. I’ve reached my goal, even Michelle is now no longer so easily caught and unsettled on an appealing way. After a minute, where there has been no contact between us, slowly, but with a firmer pressure, I stoke her shoulders and from both sides of the neck to her breasts. In the middle I’m make a little break and let my fingers then migrate to the sensitive spot between her breasts. With one hand I give Rachel a sign to approach us and with a nod I show her that she should kiss Michelle. Hesitantly, Rachel makes quiet steps towards us and stops for a moment before Michelle and me. She puts her head slightly inclined, wets her lips with her tongue and approaches Michelle lips with hers. From my perspective behind Michelle, I can see Rachel and as well perceive Michelle’s body on mine and feel the tension in this with my fingers. When Rachel’s lips meets hers she wants to cringe in surprise, but does not succeed, because my body leaves her no room. Rachel kisses Michelle gently and at the same time playfully . At the same time I let my fingers wander further, slowly I embrace Michelle’s breasts from behind with my hands, groaning softly she reacts to this by intensifying the kiss with Rachel. I strengthen my grip on her breasts and test out how much pressure she can tolerate. As I assumed, Michelle seems to like the more solid grab and incites even more. She pulls Rachel closer to herself and continues to kiss her passionately. To allow her not too much I interrupt the next kiss, steer away Rachel’s mouth from her and toward mine. My lips meet Rachel’s already wet and swollen lips and I already felt the blood throb. With my tongue I draw the contours of her lips, before I continue to open her mouth with gentle pressure to take in my tongue. I play with her tongue, draw again the contours of her lips and bite gently into the lower lip. Michelle, who is trapped between us, turns to Rachel’s neck and covers it with kisses.
I renounce Rachel’s mouth and with a jerk I turn Michelle around towards me. Now she is pressed against Rachel’s body and turns her sensual lips to me. Instead of focusing on it I take her hand and lead her with my finger to my mouth. I carefully slide her fingertip between my lips and then between my teeth. My tongue wanders slowly around the tip of the finger and with my hand I put her finger further into my warm, wet mouth. I enclose her finger with my mouth and start sucking on it slowly. Michelle moans, my eyes are fixed on Rachel’s, which swallows blank at the sight with pleasure.
Rachel moves her fingers slowly over Michelle’s body and touches lightweight their buds, which already stand up hard. Caresses her body in two places almost drives Michelle crazy. I notice that her knees are getting soft and she is struggling to stand upright. I turn away from her fingers, approaching the two again. Before Michelle I let myself fall to my knees and touch the inside of her thighs. She pushes her middle, out of sheer desire, against my hands. Because I realize that she is running out of time I start to redeem her. I gently strokes with my thumb over her middle, holding my tongue and go about their pearl. A loud moan escapes her mouth. Rachel begins to knead firm Michelle breasts and nibble on her neck. My tongue goes further into the soft, warm wetness. With my hands I cover her thighs and ride up to the buttocks and back down. At my tongue swell her moist lips slowly, I focus again on her pearl circle round it with my tongue, poking at it and take it gently between my teeth. Every moans of Michelle increases my own desire and Rachel’s demand also increases markedly. I notice that Michelle is not far away from orgasm. To make this even more intense, I give her a little break. Michelle makes an annoyed sound and tries to push me and get me to keep going. I mean Rachel to keep her back. “If you pressure me, you wont get what you want at all,” I knock Michelle down a peg. With an Effort, she holds back and waits anxiously for I would touch her again. After I eyed her up for a minute and convinced me that she was aware of who held the reins in his hands here, I get her wish. With quick movements of my tongue I bring her to climax. She screams it out and then let herself sink to the floor from exhaustion. I stroke her hair and give her a deep kiss on her mouth.

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