Imagine part II

A bit exhausted I let Michelle sitting on the floor , go to the sofa over and let me down there on the cool leather. My gaze wanders to Rachel and a hoarse voice , I command you , “Come unto me .” Slowly coming towards me , I see it her eyes that she wonders what will follow now . When she stands before me I grab her hips and pull her onto my lap , her face very close to mine, it sits a little overwhelmed there. I lick me on my lips and say in a low tone , “I think now I want to be touched. Did you like it ? ” . My hands grip her neck and pull her face down to me , our lips meet and we start to kiss intensely . I feel how my nipples erect and pushing against the fabric. “Come on , take me out ,” I instruct them. Drive carefully her fingers to my fine knobs and open very slowly every single button . It almost makes me mad, so long to wait until I can feel on my bare skin of their hands . I’m not sure if it’s Rachel’s inexperience or she has already noticed , how can irritate me. Patiently I wait until she finally opened the last button and pushed the blouse to the side. She realizes immediately that my bra underneath equipped with a front closure and their hands have opened the lock in no time . Now she is hesitant again and looks at me wondering . ” You really want to make me wait any longer? ” Prompting I look at her . Her fingers roam the shells aside, and finally taking her warm hands on my breasts. I put my hands on her , and bring them to my most sensitive places . Then, I mean it, solid engage much . Your beautiful big hands cover almost my entire chest and they begin to knead with a pleasant pressure . I put my head back and enjoy their inquiries of my body. Her lips found my weak point at the neck and a soft moan escapes me . My hands take her back up and open the clasp of her bra ” s To strip this they must shortly leave me . I notice how they followed this reluctantly and feel this silent satisfaction . When I have her breasts in front of me , she has to wait a little longer. My fingers barely touching her dark buds, very gently I run my fingernails over the sensitive skin and now I see her reaction. My hand goes under her breast and embraces this loose , looking searchingly into her eyes I increase the pressure and trying to figure out where their limits are. With one hand I support Rachel’s back and with the other I caress her alternately beautiful small breasts. Torn between the desire my body continue to inquire and to enjoy my touch is fully Rachel clueless what to do next . I take off her decision and continue to pamper them. I bow to her before , stretch my tongue very slowly towards her nipple and lick with a sharp tongue once more. Once I see the chicken skin spread to her breasts. The other nipple gets my attention. My tongue I let very gently follow my teeth . Slowly I close this around the nipple and slightly tighter it. Rachel escapes a moan after another. At the same time my hands go exploring. I stroke gently down her back , embrace their tight little buttocks and then go casually with my fingertips under the panties . From back to front I let almost imperceptibly pass on the edge of her panties my finger . Rachel’s body stiffens noticeably and their escapes a hiss . My fingers feel her wetness and I immediately want to feel more of it. Because she wears a very fine slip and I wanted to do this ever again, I lean a bit back against the upholstery, take the fabric on her left hip between both hands and rending the fabric with a jerk. The same thing I do with the right side. The slip covered the front and back down and gives me the look on Rachel’s pubic mound . This is covered with a small triangle of red curls and leaves me the water ‘mouths . My hands move over her hip , the book on their mid to . To have something to increase the tension , I let them but then , and run my fingers her thigh . To Rachel’s senses are not totally flood I will just focus on my fingers and give the rest of her body a breather. My fingers are approaching their midst again and this time I will not miss . I can see the tension in her eyes, but notice that it consists of both anxiety as well as from expectation . Let I drive with my index finger to their outer contours. From below I let my fingers gently slide between her labia and there to test her wetness . Joyfully , I realize that this is but already considerable and ride my now wet finger up to her clit . These I avoid small circles until my fingers casually touches it. Rachel seems as if she’d been holding her breath and exhales audibly . This is for me the signal , I can hardly hold back yet and now give my inner urge to . I prefer her neck down at me , kiss and lick them alternately on her neck , her breasts and all skin areas that I can get hold of . At the same time my fingers stroking her clit and between her labia . Rachel holding on with her hands on me and enjoys my attention to the fullest. After I let off steam me something I offer her to ” do you want to take the lead ? ” . Surprised, she looks at me and nods slowly . I let myself fall back against the couch, embrace her breast with one hand and put the other in my lap . My fingers approaching her wet , warm cave and slowly but surely I let a finger slide into her. When I notice that it is wide enough for another follow my middle finger still my index finger . We do not let it out of sight and I see how it closes this for a moment as my fingers penetrate completely into it. After that, I let my fingers rest in her and leave her, as promised, the lead. Reluctantly, she begins to move her body, my fingers slide something out of it and then pushed again . My other hand caressed Rachel’s breasts alternately . It is always courageous and begins to ride my fingers . I look at her, enjoy her ride , her skin under my and her wetness running to me after a short period down to the fingers. When I realize that it no longer takes a long time until they would come I suppose additionally my thumb to help. This now roams still add their clitoris when my fingers into her deep inside. Rachel moans , breathes heavily and can be sheer pleasure hardly hold . “Come my baby , let me hear how well you like it ” , I ask them to . All inhibitions losing Rachel moans loudly and it is slipping away even a faint Yes ! Yes ! . My fingers are beginning to their rhythm and push deeper and faster into her. I want them to come like a firework. She holds onto my shoulders and I feel like she is close with excitement. With a few fierce and fast shocks Rachel conveyed shortly before the orgasm. My fingers come to meet her , with the thumb on her clit comes Rachel violent, in both places simultaneously. Your body is violently around my fingers together and verquatscht this almost . After their pulsating center has closed around my fingers for almost a minute , this ebb slowly now and I can gently pull it out . I run my finger to my mouth and lick it off with relish . Rachel slips exhausted between my legs on the ground and worshiped her head on my leg . I stroke her hand through the loosened hair and let it rest.

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